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It is the arrival of the super recommended item in the fall and winter! !

A-2 leather jacket with a choice of cowhide or goat leather

Among flight jackets, the most popular A-2 flight jacket.
Cowhide and goat leather (depending on the color) are used for the outer material.
It is a luxurious specification made of one piece of leather.
The lining is a mixed fiber of polyester and cotton,
The lining of the sleeves is made of a polyester material that is easy to pass through.
In addition, the stepped rib specifications of the cuffs,
Such as front pockets with flaps, which is also a feature of A-2,
Full-fledged details similar to the real thing are reproduced.
It does not look like clothes and can be worn casually, so it is recommended for beginners of leather jackets.

September 22, 2021 — Karakubuyonline
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