The other day, when I made a dish and posted a photo on INS, I received a lot of "likes".
This is Takayama, who is completely addicted to cooking.
Sorry for the long time! (・∀・)

Here is my latest work ☝
Fried Shrimp Chili "Fig. Left" - Authentic Shrimp Chili! Chili sauce with just the right amount of spiciness from doubanjiang and sourness from ketchup is superb!
Green onion fresh spring rolls "Right in the picture" - Refreshing Japanese style! The sticky texture of okra and Chinese yam is fun. It's a recommended dish where you can enjoy the flavor of the ingredients together with the scent of perilla.
It may look difficult to make, but
I tried making it while watching the video on how to make the "Delish Kitchen" app, and it was surprisingly easy.
If you are interested, please try it ♥
It was very delicious ヽ(*´∀`)ノ

Then, after introducing delicious rice, we got to the point,
We introduce bag which is recommended in winter today♡

Now for the first one ~! !

Yes! This is a bag made of phalaenopsis fabric.
When it comes to kocho dough,
Swiss military design during World War II.
A new type of material that is a friend of flax and nettle fibers.
Like the iconic white and brownish-green combination sprinkled with pepper.
The name of the pepper dough also comes from this.

For the time being, don't you think it's super cute! (≧∇≦*)
Convenient when you want to go out with minimal luggage☟

A new type of 2-way bag that combines a clutch and a shoulder bag.

You can enjoy arranging it according to your coordination and mood!

Karakubuy / 2way clutch shoulder bag
Price: ¥8000 (tax included)

And the second !
This is a very popular motorcycle bag every year!

It has many pockets and is easy to use and easy to remove.
While there are many wonderful places such as
For the time being, don't you think it's super cool (≧∇≦*)
Especially when you put it on the motorcycle, you can see this kind of scenery ☟

It's really, really, really cool! !


It's a cool and convenient bag that can be used for everyday use and travel.

Karakubuy / Multifunctional Canvas Motorcycle Bag Side Pouch
Color: Khaki, Green, Black, Dark Gray Size: ONE SIZE
Price: ¥12,500 (tax included)

Finally, the third!

Popular here at Karakubuy.
Indigo Paperboy Bag tote bag~♪
Takayama likes blue, so I think the shape and color of this bag are super super super cute~♪
What do you think.
When I gave this to my friend as a gift for his birthday, he was delighted with how cute it was. (*´∀`*)

It's not too big, it's not too small, and it's a comfortable size.
A feeling of convenient size such as a notebook PC or the tablet is GOOD.
How about going out♡

Karakubuy / Indigo Paperboy Bag Tote Bag
Price: ¥11,980 (tax included)

Well then, that's all for this introduction!

Thank you for reading this far~♡

November 19, 2021 — Karakubuyonline

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