It's finally February, and it's getting colder and colder...
February means Valentine's Day!

Speaking of which, just knowing that this day is "lover's day",
Actually, I don't know what the origin of Valentine's Day is.
that's why,
I've been looking into it properly♪♪

There are various theories about the origin, but I will introduce the widely known theory.

The 3rd century Roman emperor Claudius II banned the marriage of soldiers as one of the strong military measures. The Christian priest Valentine, who opposed this, secretly married many soldiers against the order, but was known to the emperor and executed.

The day of this martyrdom is February 14, 270 AD, and the priest Valentine came to be revered as 'Saint Valentine', and this day is said to be a festival in the Roman Catholic Church.

Originally, St. Valentine's Day was a religious event to mourn the death of a priest, but since this season heralded the arrival of spring, it was perfect for confessing love, so from around the 14th century, young people began to confess their love. It is said that it is now the day to give a proposal gift.

That's right!

In Japan, there is a culture where women give chocolate to people they like.
In fact, this is also a culture unique to Japan.

By country,
The customs of the day are also different.

for example,
In the United States, men give chocolates, jewelry, dinner, etc. along with bouquets of roses to women.

In France, it is considered "a day for lovers", and men present women with gifts such as chocolates, cards, and bouquets.

It seems that every country chooses gifts that make women happy, not just chocolate.

The story goes back to Japan,

Valentine's Day in Japan

Can a man get chocolate from someone he likes?
what to wear on valentines day
It's going to be an exciting and heart-pounding day, whether you'll make a good impression on women!

So let's get straight to the point here.
First of all,
What are you wearing for Valentine's Day?
I would like to introduce men's outfits that make a good impression on girls!

That's right,
You can wear it well if you hold down the color scheme technique of clothes!

for example:

Point 1:
For letter print tops,
Make the pants the same color as the letter,
For your shoe coordination, please use similar colors.

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Point 2:
If the tops are colorful and multicolored,
Among them,
Start with a base color that will be your main color.

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Point 3:
If the tops are plain,
Make the pants the same color as the logo,
Alternatively, you can complete a good outfit by using the same color as the zipper button.

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Then Valentine's Day

For women, this is a good chance to confess!
And not just chocolate
I have to prepare a special Valentine's gift that I want to give along with the chocolate to someone special with all my heart.
It's a tough day to prepare for and emotionally...

I think it's quite confusing,
So, I would like to introduce you to the recommended gifts that men will be happy to receive on Valentine's Day.
Looking at popularity rankings,
After all, it seems that there are many accessories and small items that are on the top of the popularity ranking.

The following are also common in tops:
Last but not least, the gifts that men love the most are:
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