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long time no see!

I'm Morii, who just returned from a trip to Hokkaido♪

My first trip to Hokkaido was really good,

Food was especially good

I wonder if it's cold

What we ate there

I wanted everything!

In the Sapporo Ramen Republic ,

I ate that legendary miso ramen!

Here it is☟

It looks heavy, but

when you drink soup. .

that? It's dark. . delicious. .


Another bite. .

what? delicious! ! ! This is the depth of umami ♪

was inspiring,

Thank you for the meal!

Besides food

The most impressive thing is Cape Kamui!

The scenery is so beautiful!

Favorite photo☟

Sorry for the long story m(_)m

Let's get to the point!

Introducing the essential items for this spring's coordination ♪

While it is a leading item with a strong presence even by itself,

It matches various styles and can be worn regardless of season, gender or age.

Pickup Item☝
[Reservation] Denim combination multi-pocket overalls karaku・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ buy

Adjustable shoulder straps, chest and waist button decorations and button hem are one point. ☟

Big fluff pockets on both sides and back are eye-catching, design that combines practicality and individuality.

Made of 100% cotton material, it is both flexible and durable, has excellent sweat absorption and quick drying properties, and is comfortable to wear in all seasons, not to mention the summer season.

Here are the items we introduced today:

Pickup Item
[Reservation] Denim combination multi-pocket overalls karaku・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ buy


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February 25, 2022 — karakubuy

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