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A: "Tomorrow is our first date, and I really like that girl."
B: "It's a pattern that can never fail, isn't it?"
A: "Yeah, so I don't know what to wear" (´;ω;`)

In this way, you may be nervous and worried before going on a date.
Especially first dates! A first date with a lover or someone you care about can be nerve-wracking. It is safe to prepare as much as possible, such as the date location, plan for the day, clothes, conversation topics, etc.
The important first impression is decided by clothes, but it's the first date,
It's really difficult because I don't know what kind of clothes I should wear to make a good impression on the other person.
There is no outfit that will appeal to 10 out of 10 women, but there are certain things that will impress most women.
Today, I would like to show you the secret of how to dress to be popular with that woman. ♪♪♪
Please use it as a reference!

point 1: Cleanliness is a major premise

Put aside whether it is fashionable or not,
First of all, “cleanliness” is important to make a good impression on women.
A suit is fine, but
If you want to avoid feeling stiff,
White clothes are the safest.
It is a versatile item that is easy to match with any outfit and easy to use.

For example: like this ↓

Versatile heavyweight t-shirt

With a moderately thick texture, it can be used in a wide range of seasons. In addition, the heavyweight fabric makes it look high, so you can wear it alone.

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Point 2: Color matching is simple To make a good impression on women, it is recommended to use as simple a color combination as possible rather than using a lot of different colors.
For example, the white one above,
After all, if you wear gray, beige, black, khaki clothes, you will look bright,
You can give a clean and smart impression,
It will look clean and stylish.

If you use too many colors, you may not look stylish or lose your sense of cleanliness.
It is recommended that you wear no more than three colors for your entire body.
For example here ↓

Gurkha Multi-pocket Gurkha pants

Gurkha pants are rooted in the pants worn by the Nepalese hill tribe "Gurkha soldiers" who served in the British army in the 19th century.

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here ↓

Although it has the ruggedness of the WTAPS "military" that is attracting attention, it is characterized by an oversized feeling that wraps around the body and a part that has cold protection and functionality.

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Point 3 : Items with cuteness!
I know it's the first date and you want to look manly, but...
But my partner is nervous,

We need a friendly atmosphere.
Therefore, to shorten the distance
One way is to choose cute items.
A boa jacket and salopette would be nice.
A cute boa jacket with a fluffy texture. It's casual, but it gives off a gentle atmosphere, so you can target girls.

For example, here ↓
Corduroy & lining boa-like jacket

Available in 4 colors: gray that goes well with any color, bright and cute khaki, vintage army green and brown. A wide range of sizes from M to 6XL are available and can be freely selected.

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American Retro Navy Deck Overalls Denim

American Retro Navy Deck Overalls Denim It is also a point that you can enjoy the cool atmosphere that is different from usual! !

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