Thank you for your continued patronage of Karakubuy! ! It's Higuchi♪

It's sunny again today!

I'm happy but the sun is strong(>_<)

When we think of UV rays, we tend to think of summer.

In fact, both UV-A and UV-B are strongest in May.

It's lightly dressed in the summer, and when you go to the beach or mountains, it's easy to get sunburned, so everyone should be careful.

Be careful not to burn yourself in May.

So, for next week, today we will introduce some sun protection goods!

First, click here☟

Pickup Item☝
UV cut hoodie, highly functional and lightweight
Size: S, M, L, XL, 2XL
Color: white, black, khaki
Price: ¥99,25 (tax included)
Product number: KRK-MD-TWW2201222

●Black color with sharp styling is guaranteed to fit into any style.

● White with plenty of cleanliness creates a clean look

-Stylish classic khaki color

High-standing hood, like a mountain parka

This parka is cool in summer and is thin, so you can block UV rays just by putting it on.

●Ventilated air holes on the back.

● UV cut function (UPF 40+), just by wearing it cuts 90% of UV rays and protects your skin.

The fabric is made of high-density, lightweight, durable and windproof nylon, which is smooth to the touch and has excellent windproof and waterproof properties.

It was a thin parka that could block UV rays just by putting it on.

Sunscreen, parasols, hats, and food...

While there are various

Next, Higuchi would like to introduce

Here is a waterproof & UV cut function bucket hat ☟

Pickup Item☝
Waterproof & UV cut function bucket hat
Size: free size
Color: Black
Price: ¥71,90 (tax included)
Product number: KRK-STKS22001

It is an all-weather item that can be used even on days with strong UV rays because it has waterproof, moisture-permeable and UV-cut functions.

  • A zip opening and closing type pocket and a brand tag are placed on the outside, and small items can be stored.

  • Comes with a chin strap, so you can rest assured even when riding a bicycle or when the wind is strong.

The simple design and ease of use are also outstanding points ♪♪

Today I would like to introduce you to these two items!

① Waterproof & UV cut function bucket hat karaku・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ VIEW MORE

② UV cut parka Highly functional lightweight karaku・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ VIEW MORE

That's all for today's introduction.

By all means, try incorporating color this summer.

How about that? ♪

Thank you for watching until the end ◎

May 13, 2022 — karakubuy

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