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This is Endo from Karaku, who is sad that he can't go on a trip due to the corona crisis! (´∀`)

Sorry for the confusion! m(_)m

Today, I would like to talk to you about camping!

How are you all spending your holidays now?

Are you an outdoors person? Are you an indoor person?

Endo loves to travel, right?

Likes and likes to play outdoors and outdoors,

I'm the type who likes to enjoy nature such as the sea and mountains on my days off.

After all, I want to be healed by the scenery outside. smile

However, there are many places where travel to crowded tourist spots is restricted due to the corona crisis,

From that time on, travel became a camper,

I camp more often.

If you have a car and camping equipment, you can pay only the usage fee for the campsite.

short distance and low budget

It's just right for people who have two days off a week.

It is truly a god for outdoor enthusiasts who want to get in touch with nature on their days off.

Besides nature, there is one more thing I enjoy!

That's right, it's camping food♪♪

Even if it's the same Changhan,

Don't you feel that eating at camp is exceptionally delicious? !

I wonder why.

Sorry for the long story.

Finally back to the main topic!

With that in mind,

Today is

When camping or outdoors,

I would like to introduce an item that is easy to use!

This hat and vest☟

By the way, here is a picture of the coordination I received from the customer.

(Thank you♡♡)

It's super cool! ! ! !

First of all, I will introduce the best ♪

Available in 2 colors: military-style army green and easy-to-use black.

NEW! 2way Tactical Vest Bag
Color: Black, Army Green
Size: free size
Price: ¥13,597 (tax included)
Product number: KRK-MD-TSS2201029

It's a vest, but it's also a bag!

Yes, depending on how

The reason for its popularity is the design that can be transformed into a bag.

And there are many pockets, and the storing power is outstanding, too. Suitable for outdoors.

The material is 100% nylon, so it is lightweight.

For those who are having trouble storing small items while camping

It's a very convenient point!

Please don't miss it♪♪

Next, I would like to introduce this hat☆

Waterproof & UV cut function bucket hat
Color: Black
Size: free size
Price: ¥7,190 (tax included)
Product number: KRK-NXUKUT-PL02

Waterproof & UV cut function bucket hat ♪

Because it has waterproof moisture permeability and UV cut function,

An all-weather item that works even on days with strong UV rays.

A zip opening and closing type pocket and a brand tag are placed on the outside,

Can accommodate small items.

Comes with a chin strap, so you can rest assured even when riding a bicycle or when the wind is strong.

The size can be adjusted with the string on the side.

When it is not necessary as it becomes very compact,

It is one point that you can carry around in your pocket or rucksack ♪♪

Thank you for watching until the end today!

These are the 2 products that I introduced today☟

July 15, 2022 — karakubuy

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