Does anyone leave the cooler on 24 hours a day in the summer?

yes, it's me

Higuchi is so hot that he can't live without a cooler.

(By the way, we also have pets, so in the summer it runs almost 24 hours a day. Are you interested? I'm sorry.)

I can't do it anymore......It's hot every day,

where did you see the news?

Japan has high humidity.

It's hotter than India.

already, hopeless

But even so, it will get cooler in the next two months

2 months,,,

Feeling "soon."


Ahhhh just thinking that this heat will continue for the next two months.....

can i die

So, hello everyone. Higuchi is fine, no.

The picture is someday Chichibugahama

(It is a beach with a long beach of about 1 km in Mitoyo City in the western part of Kagawa Prefecture.)

Chichibugahama Beach is a hot topic on SNS for taking pictures of a superb view like "Uyuni Salt Lake".

This is the picture I saw on the internet

This is what Higuchi took☟

. . . Yes, it's beautiful, but I can't say it's a superb view.

When I got there, I knew

Whether or not you can take that picture depends on the weather.

The day I went to Higuchi was cloudy.

everyone is,

Be sure to check the weather forecast before going here.

(The udon was delicious! As expected of Kagawa, thank you for the meal.)

When was the photo taken at Chichibugahama? . . .

I only remember going there in autumn!


I wonder if autumn will come soon!

Today's blog.

I would like to introduce you to the advance of autumn!

Here are the latest popular outerwear☟

baseball stripe shirt
Color: Stripe
Size: S, M, L, XL, 2XL
Product number: KRK-MD-TSW2201006

It's one point that makes your sense more than the standard striped shirt.

Characteristic collar

When you wear it, it looks like this.

The atmosphere that adds a casual atmosphere to the stripes that give the impression of a workist is attractive.

Material is characteristic

Made from Giza cotton known as high-quality extra-long staple,

Outstanding comfort ♪♪

Recommended anyway. No. 1 recommendation.


Everyone, please try wearing this.

Thank you for watching until the end today!

August 05, 2022 — karakubuy

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