Stylish and warm with military and batting!

military jacket

There are many types of military jackets. Above all, the AFV Canada Crew Uniform Jacket is overwhelmingly popular. Arrange such a popular jacket in KARAKU style. Since it is a batting type, it is fluffy and has excellent heat retention, making it an accent for winter. Knit sleeve ribs are also placed on the inner. Wind resistance is also improved. Once I wore it, I couldn't wear anything else!

Double heat retention with corduroy and batting!

corduroy jacket

In recent years, corduroy items have been gaining more and more attention with each passing season. Among them, the corduroy jacket is especially recommended. This is because it is possible to completely change the image to something seasonal just by putting it on. Because it is a thick cotton type, it has excellent heat retention. The vintage blue and ribbed yellow color scheme that is not heavy is a fun point, completing a sophisticated adult casual style.

The boa denim jacket goes great with rugged items!

boa denim jacket

Many of you may have thought that you could wear a denim jacket as an outerwear even on cold winter days. Therefore, we would like to propose a “winter specification” denim jacket with boa lining and collar. The greatest feature is the American casual mood drifting looks. It is an item that can create a masculine image just by wearing it lightly.