The M-65 is a field combat jacket of the US military that was used in actual combat for 40 years from its birth in 1965 until 2008.

* To be precise, it is not only a jacket, but also a general term for military items such as the M-65 pants, M-65 field jacket, and M-65 field parka that were officially adopted in 1965.

Although delivery for military use has ended, due to its high functionality, it has almost the same specifications as the original and is extremely popular both in the United States and abroad.

In fact, before this M-65, the 1951 M-51 series was officially used, and the M-65 is an upgraded version of them.

As a major change, the M-51 was 100% cotton, but the M-65 uses a nylon blend material.

If it was 100% cotton, it would become heavy and lose body heat when it got wet in the rain, so there were elements that weren't very good for combat uniforms.

By adding nylon to the M-65, quick-drying, improved durability, and lighter weight have been achieved.

Another change is the adoption of a stand-up collar .

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