A-2 leather jacket with a choice of cowhide or goat leather

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size chart

size shoulder width bust Length Sleeve Length
S. 42 98 60 60
M. 43 102 61 61
L. 44 106 62 62
XL 45 110 63 63
2XL 46 114 64 64
3XL 47 118 65 65
4XL 48 122 66 66
5XL 49 126 67 67

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*There are some errors in the size chart due to the characteristics of the fabric and weave of the product. Please note.

Product description
Among flight jackets, the most popular A-2 flight jacket.

Cowhide and goat leather (depending on the color) are used for the outer material.
It is a luxurious specification made of one piece of leather.
The lining is a mixed fiber of polyester and cotton,
The lining of the sleeves is made of a polyester material that is easy to pass through.
In addition, the stepped rib specifications of the cuffs,
Such as front pockets with flaps, which is also a feature of A-2,
Full-fledged details similar to the real thing are reproduced.

It does not look like clothes and can be worn casually, so it is recommended for beginners of leather jackets.


A white shirt goes well with A-2, which has many dark colors.
Of course, tuck in your shirt and wear a slightly thicker buckle like a garrison belt.
It's solid, but the shoes are easy to match with Red Wing Beckman.
The silhouette of the work pants and the stripes accentuate the simple A-2, which is cool.
The work style is easy to enjoy with duck pants and vests. I like engineers.
A classic American casual style that combines a T-shirt and G-pants. It has the impact of A-2, so this alone is cool enough.
You can wear sneakers on your feet, and if it's chilly, you can wear a hoodie or sweatshirt.

■Material Outer material: Cowhide/ Goat leather , Back body: Polyester + cotton

1931 The epoch-making light zone model "A-2" which overturns the flight jacket until then appears.

What was revolutionary was that the A-2 adopted a zipper type for the first time, compared to the button type flight jacket (A-1 etc.). As a result, the functionality has improved dramatically, and it has become the standard for flight jackets following the later L-2.

However, that is not the only reason why the A-2 is featured differently than other flight suits.

The A-2 was active during World War II, but after the end of the war, many pilots took it home as lost, even though they should have returned it to the military.

This is not only because of the A-2's epoch-making and sophisticated design, but also because the A-2 was a testament, pride, and treasure for pilots.

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