M-1961 (M-61) Cotton field bag 2way specification

SKU: KRK-MIL-1048-アーミーグリーン-23cm*24cm*15cm




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One of the most popular military bags, " M-1961 (M-61) Field Bag " is here!
M-1961 (M-61) field bag A field bag mainly used during the Vietnam War.
Attached to the waist with a pistol belt like a buttpack. A combat pack for short-term action rather than a main pack with a small capacity. The official name is FILED PACK, CANVAS COMBAT, M1961.
This item is a 2-way specification of the M-1961 (M-61) field bag , and can be used as a shoulder or hip bag! When used as a hip bag, it can be attached to various belts with the included clip. The inside of the bag is a large space without partitions. The flap has a name tag holder. Made of thick cotton material, this item is durable and tough to use. It's a moderate size that's easy to use, and it's also recommended for town use.

*Clip included

*The material is cotton, not nylon.

Product details
Material: 100% cotton
Size: 23cm*24cm*15cm
Related categories: Accessories/Accessories / Bags
Gender Type: Men's

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