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This is Endo from Karakubuy!
Before you know it, Christmas is only a month away!
The Christmas tree near the company seems to finally be in its finished version.

Here it is☟

How do you like it? It's so beautiful♪♪

Well, this time, I would like to introduce [Karakubuy] super super super interesting cargo pants! Here ☟

With cargo pants that are very popular every season,

I also bought one for Endo~

Based on that masterpiece "Monkey Pants (P44 type)", the fabric and silhouette have been improved to create a modern piece.

The dowels that accumulate at the hem make this one stand out for its looseness.

With large pockets on the sides and back, it is a tasteful item that will not forget the original military feel of cargo pants.

Available in 3 colors: army green, black, and khaki, so you can match anything ♪

P44 Type Military Wide Cargo Pants
Karakubuy / Bottoms / Cargo Pants
Colors: Army Green, Black, Khaki
Price: ¥9800 (tax included)

by the way by the way

Here are Endo's recommended outfits:

This is also a very popular item, and it is one point that is especially liked by young people.

Unisex can be worn regardless of gender.

This item is also recommended as a gift or for pairing. The size of the big silhouette allows you to layer it with a thick sweatshirt or hoodie.

It's like this☝

by the way,

Karakubuy Senpai Kouhai

Endo (left), Phebe (right)

Endo will be a little more senior! ♪

US Army 40's USNAVY deck parka

Karakubuy / Sweatshirts/Hoodies
Color: Army Green Size: XS.SMLXL.2XL
Price: ¥13500 (tax included)

So, I would like to thank you for watching this far today.

thank you very much! !

November 24, 2021 — Karakubuyonline

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