Thank you for your continued patronage of Karakubuy.

Thanks to all

Karaku's Instagram account ☛ "@karakubuyofficial"

We have reached 10,000 followers! ! !

It was around 2021 when I started the Instagram version of “Karakubuy”.

It will be over 10,000 followers in about a year from the opening.

I am really happy and moved.

This is of course

As a result of having many customers choose our shop,

While thanking our customers,

We are working hard to meet the needs of our customers.

From now on, as before,

I will post popular products properly every day!

Like this sometimes

In order to provide you with the most popular products,

I would like to give you a "favorite vote" for the products that are scheduled to be released!

(If you see it, please help us by all means ♪♪)

By the way, we have also started an unboxing video.

Like here☟

Pickup Item☟

Indigo shirt with 3 colors to choose from.......................... VIEW MORE

Karaku Youtube Channel ☟

everyone too

As always, please give us your impressions and photos after you buy the clothes!

It's really encouraging for us.

I really thank you! !

Last but not least,

In order to respond to the support and patronage of our customers,

I will continue to take a strict approach to my work.

We will provide good quality products and good service,

All the staff will be more and more motivated and do their best!

#American casual
#Men's Fashion
#2022 Spring & Summer


10000 points for liking or following a page on Instagram

I will give you a present!

April 22, 2022 — karakubuy

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