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We pay homage to the past with our reprints

Create the future with innovation


KaraKuBuy was established in 2015. We focus on classic fashion and are committed to creating quality clothing that will last and wear well. This is also the original intention of our brand.

Our founding team consists of experienced retro clothing enthusiasts and professional clothing design experts. A long-standing love of retro culture and military wear has created many original clothing styles and has played an important role in product details and clothing quality.


In order to successfully reproduce classic fashion while ensuring high quality and reduce the price as much as possible, we need to not only purchase and customize high quality raw materials from all over the world, but also work with high quality raw materials. . - A quality factory, which is difficult for our small team, but the diligent and professional craftsmen in the factory gave us great confidence. They need to pay attention to every step of the manufacturing process and celebrate this craftsmanship and the "artwork" they create.

I also try to recreate classical clothes using vintage clothing techniques and machines. In order to restore as much as possible, we have researched and imitated all sewing and tailoring methods and have reduced costs through continuous optimization of our production links.


Our ideal is to make better American casual retro wear.

There may be a lot of clothes that will satisfy everyone, but KaraKuBuy wants to bring more clothes that will surprise you. KaraKuBuy is always looking for ways to make better workwear. We share workwear culture with everyone via Blog, Facebook, Instagram and more. I believe that bringing happiness to everyone should come first. This is exactly the purpose of all KaraKuBuy staff.

Thank you for your long-term understanding and support.
In the future, we will do our best to make better workwear!

Company head office location

No. 1003, Tower 1, 10F, Lippo Center, 89 Queen's Road, Hong Kong

☏TEL: +852-8191-2709

Room 1003, 10/F, Tower 1, Lippo Centre, 89 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong